May 042014
Paper or plastic?

Plastic pots are the type of thing that seem to breed on their own. Everywhere I turn, there’s a stack of them waiting to be cleaned and put away. And, although they can be recycled, the closest recycling center to my house is about 45 minutes away. So, I end up storing them, filling my [...]

May 102013
Raised beds: A work in progress

I decided over the winter that just as soon as the ground thawed, I would install some raised beds in my vegetable garden. There are lots of reasons to do this, which are covered exhaustively elsewhere. My reasons have  to do with aesthetics more than anything else. My garden dominates the view from our house, so [...]

Feb 272013
Five reasons to start your seeds indoors

When you consider all that’s involved with starting seeds indoors — the plastic trays, the grow lights, the special germination mix — it can feel like a bit much. After all, don’t most of your seed packets instruct you to “sow outdoors after danger of frost has passed” anyways? So why do the smartest gardeners [...]

Dec 272012
Seed order survival tips (or, how not to buy more seeds than you'll ever need)

Every winter, just after the frenzy of Christmas has dissipated, I gather all the seed catalogs that have been arriving in the mail for weeks and set to work putting together my seed order for the coming garden year. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time, and these feelings reflect the love-hate relationship I [...]

Dec 062012
How to test your garden's soil

We spent much of late 2011 and early 2012 moving from our old house to our new one. I was fortunate that the previous owners of the new house were gardeners, because there was a nice-sized garden plot waiting for me to plant. Still, I didn’t want to close out my first year here without [...]

Nov 282012
5 things you can do now for next year's garden

Once, while talking with friends about favorite movies, one turned to me and teased, “I’m surprised you can keep your hands out of the dirt long enough to watch a movie!” It was a fair accusation. After all, my husband bought me a headlamp that Christmas so I could work in my greenhouse after dark. [...]

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